Reavers WIP: Wolf Lord conversion update and some Grey Hunters

Hello all.  It’s Monday again and time for my ‘regular’ update (I’m calling two in a row a pattern…)  This week I have an update on the Wolf Lord that I posted last week here.  I also have pics of two simple Grey Hunter conversions.

Wolf Lord

As I mentioned last week I wanted to beef up the shield a bit.  I widened and thickened the blade at the bottom and added the power leads that generate the field.  I wanted it to look almost as much a weapon as a shield so I gave it a robust grip/knuckle guard across the back side.  I also spent some time on his armor to give it a more ancient and ornate appearance.  I went asymmetrical on the legs to indicate a suit of favorite pieces collected over a long career.

Grey Hunters

I also did some work on a couple of Grey Hunters.  I have a lot of Battle for Macragge tactical marines and I like to add small conversions to them to prevent the army from looking too regimental.  This is partially achieved by mixing them into units of models from the multi-part kits but I also want them to look like much of their armor has been scavenged or repaired using method similar to those used during the Heresy.


This guy was done using green stuff over the stock model.  The bolter has been modified with some green stuff and bits to represent an improvised melta-gun.

This one required shaving down the helmet a bit before adding the green stuff.  Not counting the melta-gun these two took about 50 minutes to convert.  I like this type of conversion because they’re relatively quick and they give me a chance to practice my sculpting on models that aren’t as important as my HQs.


That’s what I’ve got for this week.  The Wolf Lord is just about finished so with a little luck I should have some painted stuff to show off for next week.

Update: Check out the Wolf Lord painting showcase.

  • Great work. That Wolf Lord is looking great. I was hesitant on the shield at first but now it fits in perfectly. Also nicely done on those helmets. Your green stuff work has come a long way.

    • Thanks.  In the beginning I really agonized over this shield vs. the stock Space Wolf one.  The decision came down to wanting something more distinctive for my HQ so I went with it and just kept adding until it looked appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    I have a boat load of Grey Knight bits if you want Kamui. Shouder Pads, Purity Seals, Variety of hth weapons and odds and ends. 

    • I might be able to use some of those.  I’m a little light on shoulder pads, and I do want to have a variety of hth weapons in the army.  I’ll see what I can scrounge up for trades.  At the least I should have some extra heads and guns for your orks to loot.

      • Anonymous

        I would like a wolf tail or something space wolfish for my venerable. I want to adorn him with trophies from his battles.

        • I’ve got tails and helmets to spare for trophies.  I also have some Dark Angel censors and bits if you’d like them.  I won’t be at the February event but I should be able to make March.  I’ll bring my bits then.

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