Reavers WIP: Wolf Lord Paint in Progress

Hello all,

Another Monday, another update on my Wolf Lord Conversion.  I sculpted a chapter marking for his left shoulder, but I forgot to grab a pic before painting.  Oh well.  I’ve managed to get the painting about 80% finished.  There’s still a lot of highlighting and detail work to be done.  I don’t have much to say about the process as I’m basically using the same colors as my Grey Hunters.  So, on to the pics!

I took most of the pictures in the sun (I’m still working on the picture process) but there’s a couple taken with flash instead.  I started late and the sun died down on me near the end.


I’ve also made progress on a few of my Wolf Guard but they’re not that exciting.  I’ll hold off on pics until they’re finished.  With a little luck I’ll have them for next week along with the finished Lord.

  • Always amazes me how getting some paint on something really pulls everything together. I really like how he’s coming out and your choice of colors on the cloth really makes him pop.

    • Thanks!I’m quite happy with him so far.  The red cloth is a theme I’ll be carrying through my other HQ models and my wolf guard.  I really like the way it combines with the burnished gold and worn metal of the armor.

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