Wolf Lord Painted

Reavers Wolf Lord Conversion Painting Complete!

This model represents some of my most ambitious GS work on a marine model and my first model featuring the red robes of the Reaver elite.  For a while before starting this army I had considered using the Space Marines Codex because of the flexibility of the lists and age (at that time) of the Space Wolves Codex (yes, I’ve been sitting on this army concept for that long!)  I had planned to use the robed Dark Angel Veterans as my Sternguard and entertained the idea that most of my HQ would sport red cloth over their unpainted armor.  Now that I’m sticking with the Space Wolves codex I’ll use those DA vets as my shooty Wolf Guard.  I was a little worried that the look would clash with the rest of the army but now that I’ve got this one painted (and another WG in progress) I like the way they blend in with the rest of the army.  The red accents I’ve been using on the Grey Hunters will be echoed on a larger scale by the red robes of the elite and the chipped red armor of the Skyclaws.

Arngrim’s chapter marking features the red wings of the Reavers plus the Sword of Justice.  The sword is an honor marking bestowed upon those who have demonstrated leadership on and off the battlefield.  I’ll be using it to mark some of the elite models while most will only have the wings.  As you can see, I’ve kept the Necron-ish green on black convention for his storm shield that I’ve been using for my other power weapons and storm shields.  Because I wanted his bone-claws to be a distinctive trophy piece constructed from monsters he’s slain did not use this convention on the claw.  I’ve painted the claws and chitin in colors similar to those used by my favorite Tyranid opponent as a tribute to the bugs that Arngrim has faced the most.



Well, there he is, ready for the many glorious battles to come!




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Reavers Wolf Lord Conversion Painting Complete!
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