Rebel Grot allies for Waagh Grottrog!

Hello all,

Those of you who read my post on Imperial Guard Allies for the Orks already know that I’m a fan.  I even managed to get in a game with Thor using Necromunda proxies that confirmed my suspicion that they would be a good fit.  Now it’s time for some models!  Since their debut in Gorkamorka I have been a fan of the Rebel Grots.  I picked up some of the models back then but never really found anyone else who was into Gorkamorka so they’ve just been grots in my Ork army.  I’ve seen other people post Rebel Grot armies based on the idea and I’ve wanted to build one of my own.  It’s a daunting undertaking to convert an entire IG army but an allied detachment is the perfect opportunity to start one in bite sized chunks!So here is the humble start of my Rebel Grot army.  In my case they’re actually Liberated Grots, having failed to fully overthrow their Orkish oppressors yet still prove their worth as more independent soldiers:

Allied Grots WIP1
Group shot: One HQ and One Troop slot
Allied Grots WIP2
Company Command Squad with Lascannon, Vox, and Plasma Gun
Allied Grots WIP3
Platoon Command Squad with Lascannon, Grenade Launcher, and Vox
Allied Grots WIP4
Infantry Squad with Lascannon and Flamer
Allied Grots WIP5
Infantry Squad with Lascannon and Vox (Flamer pending)

These are still very much in progress.  The conversions have been a bit experimental in nature as I try to figure out which ideas will work and which ones aren’t so great.  As such none of the models are really complete.

If you look at the lascannon team attached to the Company Command Squad you can see what most of the lasgun grunts will look like when they’re done.  (That guy is going to come off the lascannon team at some point.  They’ll get armored shoulder pads to represent the flak armor and bulk them up a bit.  I’m also adding boot soles to them and finally, each one will be propped up a bit.  The basing material I used on many of these makes them look like they’re ankle deep in rocks.  As I convert them I’m using a bit of sprue to raise them up and when I base them I’ll put it on thick enough to hide the sprue.  I’m going with an urban rubble theme so I’ll probably add some slabs and debris to help hide the lift.  The end result puts them about half a head shorter than a standard guardsman.  I want them as close to proper human height without having them all on platforms and stilts.  I’ll put in a few minor conversions as well to add a little character to them but overall I’m not concerned about the infantry squads looking uniform.  They’re standard grunts with standard kit after all.

I have a bits lot of Night Goblins on the way.  These are multipart and for the most part still unassembled so they’ll be great for finishing up the lascannon teams.  They’ll also replace the 2nd ed gretchin in the command squads.  I’m not sure I like the way the grenade launcher and plasma gun conversions came out.

Well that’s my start on a IG allies.  Let me know what you think!

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These are looking good. I really like those lascannons, especially the track one. Looking like it’s going to be a fun army to build out. Cool too that Grots are Grots no matter which army you field them in. Can’t go wrong.