Rebel Grot Basilisk WIP: Adding armor plates

Here’s a quick update on the Basilisk I’ve been working on for my Rebel Grots.  Progress continues to be slow but at least I’m still moving forward.  Once the tank is finished I’ll work on the crew.

I am at the point where it is difficult to tell how far I am from finished.  I don’t tend to plan these out in too much detail.  I prefer to add bits, plates, and rivets until it looks right.  I plan to add a bit of stowage here and there.  I’m debating some camo netting.  It’s an upgrade that could be worth the points and it tends to add a nice rag-tag element to a tank.  My real dilemma there is whether to make it removable or just leave it on permanently.  Since they are supplied by orks I could add a magnetized mini Kustom Force Field to represent camo netting.

Update: It’s all painted. Check out my scratch built Basilisk painting showcase.

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Rebel Grot Basilisk WIP: Adding armor plates
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