Rebel Grot Basilisk WIP: Tracks Mounted

Hello all,

It’s been another busy week but I did manage to get a little done on a basilisk I’ve been building for my counts-as-IG Rebel Grots.  I finished casting and mounting the track plates and I started working on the armor that is covering the tracks along the top.  It’s not a huge amount of progress since the last shots, but it’s enough for a quick update:june 10 2013 038 june 10 2013 039 june 10 2013 040

They are a little inconsistent in size/quality.  In fact one set of casts came out pretty rough.  But I’m learning as I go and starting to get better.  I used the best casts I have so far for this tank and expect I’ll have better ones for future tanks.  Overall I’m satisfied with these.  I’m also excited to move past the tracks to get on with armor plates and other detail work.


Thanks for looking!

  • Doing molding and casting definitely takes practice but I think this is a great place to learn it, on a model where perfect quality isn’t required.

    It’s coming along nicely. That small touch of adding tracks makes a big difference.

    • Thanks, the tracks do add quite a bit to making the model look complete.

      The next set of tracks should look even better, though I don’t have to worry about that for a while. I’ll also have to build some molds for Leman Russ sized tracks and what I’ve learned from these should allow me to improve on those.

      Right now I’m working on armor plates and random details. It’s easy work to do in small increments of time so I should be able to maintain steady, if not rapid, progress until it’s ready to paint.

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