Commissar on the go (2)

Rebel Grot Commissar: Getting started

Hello all,

Last week I put it to you to decide my next project.  I got a handful of votes and of the three project I proposed the Rebel Grot Commissar won out.  Although I never posted it this is actually a model I started working on during a business trip a few months ago.  I haven’t made a lot of progress since then but I can show you what I have so far.  The pictures are lower quality than usual because I took them in a hotel room using a cheap camera.

The first picture just shows what I brought with me for the trip.  Some bits, super glue, a little green stuff, and a few tools.  I stuck with the least threatening implements so I wouldn’t have trouble getting it on a plane.

Commissar on the go (1)

Next is the rough assembly.  The head, legs, and right arm are from the Warhammer Fantasy Goblin Regiment.  I trimmed the bow down but left enough to represent the handle of a bolter.  My Rebel Grots are usually a bit taller than a typical Grot or Goblin and I wanted a more dramatic pose than can be easily attained with the standard Goblin torsos so I decided to sculpt one from scratch.  I formed the basic shape from green stuff and pressed the plastic bits into it before it cured.  He is currently wielding a Space Wolf power fist which has a position I like.  It is comically large for him but no more so than Yarrick’s klaw.  I plan to replace it with a custom fist or claw that is somewhere between this and a Cadian fist in size.

Commissar on the go (2)

When I base him I plan to have him standing on a severed Ork head, firing his bolter down range as he waves his comrades forward.  I used a lump of clay to mock up the position while I was working to get the rest of the pieces in place.

Commissar on the go

Since taking these pictures I have shaved the top nub of the bow flush with the top of his thumb and glued an old bolter in place.  I’ve started a little work on the new fist but haven’t made it far.  After that he’ll get a base before I start working on his coat and hat.  I’ll probably give him a bionic eye as well.  It will look cool, and make him more suitable to represent Yarrick if I should want to.

So there’s the start of my Rebel Grot Commissar.  What do you think about the fist, is it good as is or should I go with something a tad smaller?

Update: You can see the completed model in my Rebel Grot Commissar painting showcase.

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I like the pose. It’s a nice dramatic stance.

I’d keep the fist as-is. I love oversized stuff like that. Nothing says 40K like a ginormous power fist!


I really like the powerfist…it is ridiculous and thus perfect for a grot.


He should be standing on a dead grot….sort of indicative of his commissar/disciplinarian role.