Rebel Grot Commissar Ready for Paint

Hello all,

I’ve finished modelling the Rebel Grot Commissar I’ve been working on.  The changes I’ve made are small.  I’ve made his left ear bionic, added a right sleeve, and added the tattered remains of his left sleeve.  The rest of the work I’ve done was cleanup on mold lines and things like that.  Not exciting but still important.  In any case, he’s ready for painting!

Here is a size comparison for reference.  As you can see, your average Space Marine is about yay high…Commissar 030115 (3)So there he is, ready for painting.  What do you think?

  • Nice touch with the ear.

    I think he looks great. Definitely going to be a fun model to paint up.

    • Thanks. I considered giving him more of a flush speaker looking device but the idea of a tin ear struck me as funny. He’s probably not much of a singer :P

      My wife has a lot of rehearsals this week so I’ll be left to my own devices for quite a bit. I should be able to make good progress on painting him.

  • Really excited for this one Kamui. I love your attention to detail. It’s something I never consider when building a model.

    • Thanks! I like spending the time to really delve into a model. I should probably stop playing horde armies…

  • Awesome. Cant wait to see him painted up now. I love grots, they are so full of character, amd this one has bags of it :)

    • Thanks! Grots are naturally full of character so it is a lot of fun to build on that :)

  • JD Brink

    Awesome job! Love it!

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