Rebel Grot Commissar

Rebel Grot Commissar WIP: More Sculpting

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on my Rebel Grot Commissar.  I plan to use him primarily for a standard Commissar but I wanted him to look good enough to use as a Lord Commissar or even Yarrick once in a while.  I’ve made some good progress on him and he should be ready to paint soon.

As you can see I have armed him with a powerfist and an old bolter that could pass for a large bolt pistol.  He also has a bionic eye and a breastplate that could pass for carapace.  I just have a couple of details to add and a little cleanup work before he is ready for paint.

I think the Commissar is coming along nicely, what do you think?


You can see the completed Rebel Grot Commissar painted.

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Impressive. Between the pose, the conversion and the sculpting, I think this is your best infantry piece yet. Awesome job. He really looks the part.


Very cool. All the sculpted portions and details are very well done.

Joe Baird

Very nice! He is full of little character :-) I like the sheriff badge as well

Spectre Senence

Wow he looks great!


Hehe. He is looking really good. Love the character of this model


Really liking this guy Kamui. So much character, and keeps getting better with every update!