Rebel Grot Commissar WIP: Sculpting Started

Hello all,

Last week I showed the start of my Rebel Grot Commissar.  I liked Khorne Inquisitor’s suggestion that he be standing on a dead grot, the most recent victim of his motivational techniques.  I used some Night Goblin bits and added a tattered hood where his head once was.  I added a belt and breastplate to the commissar and I’ve started working on his coat.  I need to add details to his coat, then I’ll start working on a bionic eye and proper hat.  Here are some pics to show my progress so far.

I’ve run low on green stuff so I decided to pick up so Pro Sculpt as a replacement because I’ve read some good reviews for it.  So far it’s working pretty well for me.  It’s a little softer and less rubbery than the Kneadatite putty.  It’s also less sticky.  Overall it’s a little easier to work with and about the same price.  It’s not so much better that I would advocate throwing out your Kneadatite but it’s a decent upgrade if your due for replacement.

I am happy with my Grot Commissar so far, and I’m glad I picked up the Pro Sculpt putty.  What do you think?  Have you tried any epoxy putties other than Kneadatite or GW “green stuff?”

Update: Check out the completed Rebel Grot Commissar.

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That looks awesome. It’s a great dynamic pose that suits the model. The coat is coming along well and I can’t wait to see the details added on.

Looks like the head is just tacked on there right now but I’d suggest raising his head up a bit. The angle makes him seem like he’s starring at the ground.


Just…awesome. The face down is much better than face up I think. Gives more of a “shot the retreating dude” and most things being stood on are face up, giving it a further level of uniqueness. This guy is pure cool.


I really like this pose. You know you are on the right track, when just at this stage the model looks friggin awesome!