Rebel Grot Company Command Paint in Progress

Hello all,

I spent some time this week working on the Company Command Squad for my Rebel Grots.  These models are more detailed and varied than my Platoon Command Squad, and they’re an HQ choice, so I’ve been spending more time on them as individual models.  First up is my Company Commander.  He is close to finished.  I need to put another highlight on the red and attach him to his base.  This is the Reg Gobbo from Gorkamorka.   I removed his scepter hand and replaced it with the left hand and gun from the Banna Wava so I can count him as having a bolter.  I need to put another highlight on the red and attach him to his base then I think he’ll be done.

December 9 2013 014 Next up is the whole squad.  I’ve done some work on all of these but none are as close to finished as the commander.  The Regimental Standard bearer is the Banna Wava from Gorkamorka.  I gave his left hand to the boss and replaced it with a goblin hand and a Cadian lasgun.  I also clipped the top off of the banner pole and added the standard from the Orc Regiment command sprue.  The Squig Herder with cymbals represents the Vox Caster, and there’s a veteran lascannon team so they can plink away while hanging out with the blob.December 9 2013 012 December 9 2013 013I hope to finish these guys this week.  Then I’ll move on to the Ratling Snipers.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Love these guys! Just curious though, what is up with the dude with the cymbals? The devil is in the details when it comes to conversion and you have nailed it! From the guy holding up the tripod to the wrappings on the commanders rifle, these guys will look truly awesome fielded. These guys are a great example of how every ally should be modeled. Way to set the bar high!

    • The cymbal dude is the vox caster. He’s one of my favorites.

      Great work. I agree, the details are what really makes these guys awesome.

      • Thanks, I’m quite fond of the cymbal player myself. I didn’t even notice until I started painting him that he has a bandage on his nose from catching it in his own cymbals!

    • Thanks! For the most part I’m using instruments to represent vox casters in this army, though one squad has a snotling on a stick that they hold up to hear better.

      My favorite thing about the ally rules is that they allow you to field a very small part of an army. With so few models needed to get them on the table I can take the time to do them right. They are so much more fun to work on when that way!

  • JD Brink

    Hells yeah! They have so much character!

    And my guess on the cymbals guy is he’s the vox caster holding up speakers.

    • The Gorkamorka grot models had a fantastic amount of character, as do many of the goblin models. They are a blast to work with!

  • TheRhino

    Hey, you won the Sons of Twilight drawing!

    • I did! Thanks for telling me, I’m so far behind on my blog reading that I missed it!

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