Rebel Grot Conscripts Paint in Progress #2

Hello all, I’m still working on my Rebel Grot Conscript squad.  After a quick base coat with the air brush I started splitting them into smaller groups to paint with a regular brush.  I have five that are ready for a couple of washes. IMG_8571 IMG_8573The one guy is holding something that could be a paintbrush or a torch.  I decided to paint it at a brush; he is the one marking the rest of them.  As conscripts they are rounded up into rough groups and quickly marked with the color of the platoon they’re joining (in this case yellow.)  Unfortunately, the yellow paint brush still looks like a torch so I may end up going back to repaint it as such later on. And here’s the rest of the squad waiting for their turn at the brush: conscripts 4-15-15 (2)Progress made but still a ways to go!  What do you think of them so far?

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Looking cool. I like that they all are unique. When you get to the ones with the same pose, as long as you do something different on those ones then you’ve nailed it. Same way I approached my Orks. Adds more time but really sells the organized chaos of such an army.


Looking good Kamui but I have never been a fan of standing minis on rocks, more so the rank and file. I think it makes things stand out less on the sarges/characters.


I think he mostly does it to get them at rough Guardsman height since they are counts-as Astra Militarum.


I love grots! One of the best units in the game!

Joe Baird

I like the paintbrush! What a fun little squad full of grot character