Rebel Grot Conscripts Paint in Progress

Hello all,

For quite some time now I have been fielding a squad of Rebel Grot Conscripts that were in pretty rough shape.  Some were gretchin that I had painted a while ago but most were newer conversions that hadn’t been painted yet.  Now that I’ve finished up the Commissar who usually leads them it is time to pay attention to the Conscripts themselves.

It is a large squad, and one I have been putting off for a while now.  I went through them one last time to clean up mold lines and drill out the odd barrels on the non-lasguns (I have been using lasguns and autoguns interchangeably because they have the same statline and I like the extra variety it adds to the grots.)  Then I busted out the airbrush to prime and base coat them.  I’ve done the blue robes and their bases.  I started on some of the green skin but I will probably do the rest with a brush.  As I get a little better with the airbrush it might be quicker do more with it but for now I think I am better off going by hand from this point.  I have some extra hobby time this week so I hope to knock out the rest of the base coating pretty quickly and move on to details and final highlights this weekend. IMG_8559 (1024x427)It isn’t a lot, but it’s progress!  This isn’t quite a full squad.  I have a handful that need to be re-based and re-painted but for now I’ll continue to use them as is.  I figure the newest recruits wouldn’t have their uniforms yet anyway.

Not much to look at so far but there should be more soon!

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Grots grots grots! Can’t go wrong with grots!


Progress is progress! Just getting them consistent goes a long way from the ragtag group they started as.

Sin Synn
Sin Synn

Those are so cute!