Rebel Grot Leman Russ – Sponsons Added

Hello all,

I have been pretty busy lately so I haven’t made as much progress on my Rebel Gots army as I would like.  I did manage to put together some sponsons for one of my scratch built Leman Russ Exterminators.

Like most of the tank, these were made by gluing a template to some card stock then cutting and gluing together.  These still need magnetic mounts for the weapons.  I also need to build the weapons.  I thought about magnet-mounting the sponsons themselves but in the end I decided it was simpler just to glue them in place.

In addition to the two scratch built Leman Russ tanks I also have two of the official kits.  I will leave those two without sponsons.  I am planning to magnetize the turrets on those as well so I can swap them freely.  When I don’t want sponsons I’ll just use the models that don’t have them.  If I’m taking more than two Russes I’ll probably want to give some of them sponsons anyway.

In my last game I added sponsons to both of my Leman Russ Exterminators and was very satisfied with the results.  Adding two heavy bolters or two multimeltas gives a serious boost to the already formidable firepower of the Exterminator, and at 20 points for either option it’s quite a bargain!  I wouldn’t bother adding sponsons with an ordinance turret but being able to fire them at full BS at the same time as the turret weapon, even on the move, allows you to lay down a withering hail of fire.

Update: Check out the Leman Russ painted.

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I can’t belive how nice that homemade tank looks. From standing over a table it’d be hard to tell it apart from any million-dollar GW tank. Nice work!


Looking good. I can’t blame you for just gluing those on. I probably would have as well.

The additional fire power is well worth the points. Plus, weapon destroyed results won’t be as scary either.