Rebel Grot Plasma Vet Squad: Quick Painting Update

Hello all,

I was hoping to have my plasma vets finished by now but things just didn’t work out.  I had planned to paint on Tuesday night, Thursday night, and maybe Saturday/Sunday.  Tuesday night I lost power just as I was about to start painting.  Thursday night I got a late start but made some progress.  I lost Friday night and most of Saturday to a work related issue and it was into Sunday evening by the time I caught up on other things I needed to get done at home.  Oh well, they can’t all be good weeks.  On the plus side I did buy a new television to sit in front of while I’m painting, it’s much nicer than the old one :)

So here’s a couple of progress shots:

Vets 1 012714b Vets 1 012714aMore kitchen table shots…I’ll get my photo area set up some day!  I’ve highlighted the reds, blues, and browns.  I also picked out the teeth and nails but haven’t highlighted them yet.  All I have left is to highlight the weapons, teeth/nails/eyes, add washes, and shoulder icons.  With a little better luck than last week I should be finished soon!

After that I will move on to tanks.  I’m planning to build a new one and put together a tutorial as I work on it.

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What is it with you and losing power? Twice in a few weeks now?

Anyway, coming along well and get that photo area setup. It’s not like you have other shit you should be doing, right? :P