Rebel Grot Sentinels WIP: ebay Restoration

Hello all,

I’ve been a little on the fence about where to go with my Rebel Grot (IG/AM) list with a new codex looming over my head.  I had a feeling that most of my stuff would still be ok but not knowing for sure throws me off sometimes.  The real problem is that I don’t have much of an army put together yet, I’ve been working towards 1500 points for the Fratris Salutem in June.  Hoping that the vehicles would at least keep the same options and be similarly effective I decided to work on my sentinels while I waited.  These were an ebay find, $18 shipped for three sentinels was pretty tough to pass up!

These were in pretty rough shape when they showed up.  I’m not faulting the seller, he was very clear in his description so I wasn’t disappointed by what I received.  He had nine of these from an army he’d picked up somewhere and they were all pretty broken up.  He tried to make sure that each lot of three had enough parts to construct three full sentinels.  One of mine had two left feet (har har) but that was easy enough to fix.  I was temped to leave it that way but I really didn’t like how it looked.  The paint job wasn’t great but it wasn’t thick enough to obscure any detail so I decided not to strip them entirely.  It looks to me like black primer so I should be able to re-prime lightly and repaint.  Some of the legs were glued to the bases and these were painted a bit differently.  I don’t think they went with the cabs I received because they had black sprayed over green.  I did strip the bases and attached legs.

I wanted the bases to match the urban rubble of the rest of the army.  I use vinyl composite floor tiles to represent broken pavement.  It’s 70 cents per 12″ square at Home Depot or Lowe’s and easy to work with.  I break it up into small pieces then superglue them to the bases.  Next I glued some decorative pieces down, I have a bunch of tires and barrels that I cast in resin.  Then I super-glued some slate gravel to represent more generic rubble.

Sentinels 1st (2)I tried adding some sand with PVA but wasn’t really happy with the result.  By chance I ran into a fellow player at work and he had just seen a tutorial on using grout as a basing material and since I already had a tub of it I thought I’d try that.  I used a sculpting tool scrape it onto the base and fill in around the larger pieces.  It builds up nicely and has a coarse sand-like texture when it cures.  I’m pretty happy with the result.  If you’re just looking for a flat gravel or sand effect it would probably be easier to stick with the old PVA and sand method but if you’re looking to build some shape then grout works well.  I didn’t get any pictures before gluing on the models.

To reattach the legs I drilled and pinned at the ‘hips’ and press fit together without glue.  Then I worked out the position I wanted.  Normally the feet pop onto a ball at the end of the leg but most of the feet had broken off just above the ball.  I trimmed where they had broken to get a smooth ball on top and after figuring out the position of each I pinned the feet to the legs and glued them to the bases.  After that I put a little superglue on each hip socket so that it could seep into the joint.  The weapon mounts have a socket that is the perfect size for a 1/8″ diameter magnet so it was easy to mount those.  I added another under the chin of each.  Unfortunately I forgot to add the chin magnets before gluing them to the bases so I couldn’t get in with the drill bit to countersink them.  Sentinels 1stSentinels 1st (1)So that’s where I am so far.  I am planning to make armored tops that can be removed so I’ll have the option to field them as armored or scout sentinels.  The middle one has a driver with a goblin head swap.  They’ll need a little green stuff to fix the head in place properly but it will be a simple conversion.  Since I’m planning to use them as armored sentinels in the Fratris I will paint them up without riders for now.  None of the drivers are glued in (now) so they’ll be easy to paint later.

These all came with heavy flamers so I’ll need to scratch build some autocannons for them.  I’ll also need to build the hunter-killer missiles and a place to mount them.

As for the new Astra Militarum codex, I picked up my copy as soon as it was available and overall I am happy with it.  The biggest negative for me is that they’ve removed the Penal Battalion, which means I need to build a replacement unit for June.  I’ll save my thoughts on the codex and how it affects my list for another post.

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That’s a hell of a buy.

The basing looks great. I really need to step it up with my basing…