Rebel Grot Sniper Conversions: 3 ready for paint

Hello all,
I’m still plugging away at the counts as Ratling Snipers squad for my Rebel Grots.  I was out of town on business for most of last week so I haven’t made as much progress as I’d like but I’m happy with what I have managed.  Three of the five are ready for paint.

  • snipers 002snipers 003I sculpted new fingers and thumb on this guy’s left hand as well as a new thumb on his right hand.  His left hand came out a little bigger than ideal.  I think it would have been better just to sculpt an entire hand from scratch rather than working off an existing one.  I think it will look pretty good once it’s painted even if it is a tad awkward.  I like the overall pose.


  • snipers 006 snipers 007 snipers 005 The next one received new fingers and thumb on his right hand.  I had a much better fit with the base hand for this one so the sculpt was easier to pull off.  I also cleaned up his left leg and the pictures show the cloak I talked about last week.


  • snipers 008 snipers 009 snipers 010The last one for today is the one that started as a second edition starter set gretchin.  I added a cloak to give him a more elite look and blend the new head into the existing body.


That leaves me two more to finish.  I hope to get them wrapped up in the next couple of days so I can move on to the tanks I need to wrap up this army.  The week before the Standoff is going to be a frenzy of painting!

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The big hand is just evolution! It was needed as a sniper. It looks great regardless; they all do.