Rebel Grot Vehicles Ready to Paint!

Hello all,

Now that I have finished building both of my Leman Russ Exterminators I am getting ready to paint all of my Rebel Grot vehicles.  I will use my airbrush for the base coats and initial highlights so I have been waiting until I was ready to paint them all at the same time.  After the airbrush stage I will go back to each one individually for details and weathering.

At this point everything has received a thin coat with a spray on primer.  I try to get decent coverage without overloading any of the details but there are always a few spots I miss.  I will fill these in with a coat of gesso through the airbrush.  Gesso works pretty well as a primer and the airbrush makes it much easier to get into the nooks and crannies without drowning anything.  I can even get into areas like gun barrels and cockpits very easily.  Plus, the gesso is a water based acrylic so it dries in minutes.  I could use that as my base primer (and have in the past) but I feel the spray on primers are a little more durable so I like to put a thin coat of that on for the gesso to bond to.

IMG_7293 (1024x408)

You can see there’s a number of models ready to paint.  The airbrush will speed up this process considerably but I’ve still got my work cut out for me!  I’ve added some close up pics of each unit, click on the links to see them before the primer.  First up, here are the two Leman Russ Exterminators that I’ve finished most recently.

IMG_7296 (1024x337)

Next are the Armored Sentinels.  The armored masks didn’t make it into this batch of spraying but they’ll be added before I break out the airbrush.

IMG_7297 (1024x435)

Here is the Devil Dog I used for my Scratch Building Tanks tutorials.

IMG_7299 (1024x682)

And then there’s the two Chimeras that I used to compare my scratch builds to the GW models.  I thought I took pictures of them as well but they don’t seem to have made it to my computer.  If they’re on my camera I’ll update this post later to add them.

The airbrush should make short work of getting them table top ready, which will be a drastic improvement over the fleet of unpainted paper and plastic I’ve been fielding!  Then I can start adding all of the fun details and weathering.

Before the airbrush I dreaded painting vehicles but now I’m actually looking forward to it!  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  What are your experiences with vehicle painting?


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Great start and nice to see things pulled together with a base coat.

Seems like your not getting great coverage and things are a little splotchy. I mean, it’s not like it’s ruined and I know you’re not done but I would imagine you could get a nice smooth coat to cover everything? Just a matter of more practice or is it the primer itself?


There we go! Now you can’t even thell they’re homemade, they just look like IG tanks. Awesome.
As for painting vechiles, I dreaded it too and have only ever painted one, which was my crimson fist predator. it wasn’t as bad as I expected, actually. Mostly it just seemed like a lot of surface of boring blue to cover, and painting the treads was a pain. But I also spray painted most of it and then brushed over that, which made it easier, and added some details and trophies and things to make it more fun and less a big block of blah. of course, that was just one vehicle. Good luck doing that with so many…