Rebel Grot WIP: Infantry Squads Based

Hello all,

I’ve been working on Rebel Grots to use as Imperial Guard allies for my orks.  It’s been slow going due to some restrictions in free time and other distractions competing for that free time but I’m happy with the progress so far.  I’ve managed to base the grunts for the two infantry squads and one of their lascannons. 

Rebel Grot 011413a Rebel Grot 011413d Rebel Grot 011413c Rebel Grot 011413b




I use urban rubble colors for my ork army so I wanted to continue that theme on the Rebel Grots.  I also wanted to give them a little boost so that they would be closer to human height.  I had started putting them on sprue risers that I planned to conceal with a chunky slate and sand mix.  It worked well enough, you can see it on the flamer grot in the group on the right.  But then I started thinking it would be cool to have them standing  on broken slab.  I’ve seen others use floor tiles to good effect so a $.63 trip to Home Depot later (ok, the visit cost me more than that, but the 12″ tile was $.63) I now have enough slab material for quite a while.  These took about 12-14 square inches of material.  I broke up some of the tile and glued it to the bases.  Some of them have bits of styrene card under them to make them uneven.  Then I glued on the bits of slate, dusted it with some finer material, and I’m good to go.

That’s what I have so far.  Let me know what you think!

  • I like the uneven base on the heavy weapon. It gives it some visual interest, other than the basing material itself. These guys are really coming along. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you’re really interested in the project.

    • Thanks. I haven’t tried gluing it down yet, hopefully the wheels have enough contact to keep it in place.
      I need to green-stuff some shoulder pads and the grunts are ready for primer. The lascannon still needs a battery pack and some green stuff on the gunner. I’m also considering some snotling spotters to represent the second wound on the weapon bases.

  • That Lascannon looks great. How much time/effort went into creating the actual gun–and do you think you wound up actually saving any money over using a GW bit? The base looks great too, as Thor pointed out already.

    • Thanks!

      I was able to make four of the guns in about an hour. You can buy enough styrene tube for around 30 guns for about 10 bucks on Amazon. The coil is twist tie salvaged from toy packages. They aren’t as nicely detailed as the GW bits and if you spend the time to put that much detail into them it may not be worth it. But for a stripped down grot version it was well worth the effort.

      The carriages were another 30 minutes or so each but I would probably have built them even if I’d used GW bits.

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