Rebel Grots Basilisk WIP: Ready for paint!

I’ve finally made it: the first basilisk for my Rebel Grots is ready for paint!  I took some final WIP pictures for this post but as I write this the primer is drying on my first basilisk.  I haven’t added crew yet because they’ll need to be painted anyway and I’m eager to start painting the tank.

I want the Rebel Grots’ tanks to look a bit less ramshackle than my Ork vehicles.  Most of them are (will be) Imperial pattern vehicles with few intentional modifications.  While they will have had numerous field repairs they wouldn’t be subject to the random whims of the Ork Meks, so they’re only fixed when they’re broken.  Of course, the Grots would be inclined to add trophies and other decorations but I plan to keep things relatively sparse for the Grots and save the more over the top vehicles for my Orks.  This suits my fluff for the Rebel Grots and also provides some stylistic guidelines to help me differentiate the two armies.


As I said, the primer is drying and paint will start soon.  I recently picked up an airbrush and have been playing around with some test models to get the hang of it.  This basilisk will be my first serious attempt at painting a model with the airbrush and I’m really looking forward to it.


The model is now done. Check out my Rebel Grots Basilisk painting showcase.

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Looks great!
Is that a GI Joe backpack?


When did you get an airbrush?

This came out awesome. The fact you built the whole thing is crazy. I’ve done some scratch-builds but never an entire tank. I really like the front-on look in that shot.