Rebel Grots: Infantry Squad 2 amost complete

I’m still chugging along on Infantry Squad Yellow II for my Rebel Grots army.  With the home improvement efforts wrapped up for not I have been able to make some decent progress this week.  At this point I’m about 95% finished with the squad and expect to be done some time this week.

The Lascannon crew are finished.  I like the slightly confused look of the gunner.  Like the last heavy weapon team the snotling is magnetized so I can use him as a wound marker.  The cannon is about half-way painted.  It won’t take much more work but it doesn’t look like much now so I didn’t bother to grab a picture.

Update: The entire lascannon team is now painted.

I’ve also finished 5 of the 8 grunts for this squad.  The sergeant and flamer are finished, and the other three second ed models.  Actually, as I was taking pictures I notice the grot with the flat helmet hasn’t got squad markings yet but that won’t take too long to fix.  Other than the sergeant they are all based on the same single piece model.  I know this shows but I think the conversions help break them up enough to work at the squad level.

That leaves the three fantasy goblin conversions.  I batch painted the squad to this level then I go back to each model to add the small details and clean up any messy spots.

april2013 Rebel IY2 5

It’s no big surprise that the conversions based on multi part models are more dynamic than the single piece models.  The blob can handle a fair amount of uniformity though.  When the whole squad is assembled it becomes less obvious that so many of them are really the same model.  I’m quite happy with how the unit is coming along and look forward to the finished product.

I have a lot of cool ideas that I’m looking forward to building for the Rebel Grots.  I want to expand their options as an allied force and there’s a good chance that they’ll eventually swell to full army size.  That will have to wait though.  Once this squad is done I’ll switch gears back to the orks.  I need to decide what I want to bring to the upcoming Fratris Salutem.  Allies are not allowed and there’s no way I could have 1500 points of Rebel Grots ready for May!

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You’re making steady progress, I commend you. My hobby progress has been non-existent lately.

I also like the look on that controller; it’s perfect. The entire squad looks great.

JD Brink

These look great. I do really like the confused controler’s expression, and the cute little snotling in his diaper. :)