Rebel Grots: Infantry Squad 2 WIP

Hello all,

Well, it has been another busy week with a lot of painting and stuff around the house so I’ve managed to go another week without any progress on the hobby front.  I did manage to take a couple of quick pictures to show you where I’m at:

Grot Infanty 0311a Grot Infanty 0311bAs you can see from the pics I have three more grunts that need shoulder pads.  I like how the mask came out for the flamer.  I am also planning to dress up the hats on the single piece grots to help mix things up a little.  The lascannon, controller, and assistant are ready to be primed but they’ve gone missing at the moment.  I am pretty sure I know which box they’re in but it’s buried at the moment.  We’re running out of rooms to paint and quite frankly, my wife and I are getting tired of painting.  I should be able to squeeze in some hobby time this week.


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Rebel Grots: Infantry Squad 2 WIP
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