Rebel Grots: Infantry squad Yellow 2 PIP

Hello all,

The home improvement efforts continue but I did manage to get some painting time in this week.  I’m batch painting the grunts and weapon crew.  So far I’ve made it through the skin tones and laid the base for the blacks and blues.  It’s enough that they’re starting to take shape.

Rebel Grots IY2 PIPbRebel Grots IY2 PIPa You can see the lascannon waiting for paint as well.  So far I’m happy with how they’re coming out.

I managed to get in a friendly game with these guys allied to my orks last week.  I played against a long-time skumgrod using his Space Wolf army.  He hasn’t been able to play much in the last few years and a bit rusty so it was a very laid back game.  Still, it was a good show of what the rebel grots bring to the table.  They took a beating but gave it right back, gunning down quite a few puppies and scoring two objectives for me.

I’ve also been rallying new recruits for the rebellion.  I picked up an eBay lot with 17 goblins, 10 plastic snotlings, and a ton of bits.  They’re goblins, not night goblins like the last lot, mostly still on sprue.  There are 20 extra legs and at least that many heads so I may try making torsos to get even more out of the lot.  The parts are interchangeable with the night goblins I have so they’ll add a ton of variety.  Another bits lot brought me 10 Cadian lasgun arm sets, 20 loose lasguns, and a few other Cadian bits to equip the troops.  Now I’ve got enough bits to keep building rebels for a while!

I have another big home improvement project to take care of so I might not finish Yellow squad 2 this week.  When I do I may switch gears to the orks for a bit.  I need to set up a list for the Fratris Salutem in May and see if anything needs to be painted for that.

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Blue iz lucky! Looking good. You have one more squad after this, or two?

Glad to see Jared getting in a game. Got to get him down to XRG one of these days.