Rebel Grots: Lots of Painting in Progress

Hello all,

As of last Monday I had 25 un-primed infantry and three tanks that weren’t fully built, all of which needed to be painted for the Standish Standoff on Saturday.  I pretty quickly gave up any hope of actually finished them and focused on getting them to a point that they would look OK on the table.  The Standoff is a hobby based event so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t that guy with unpainted models!  Although I’m a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to to reach the goal I set up a few months ago I am reasonably satisfied with what I did manage to achieve when I consider how busy the last few months turned out to be.  I feel I got everything to at least a passable tabletop standard but I stayed with my usual techniques so I can still finish them up properly.  So without further ado, here are the pics!

Mixed amongst the finished units these looked decent and I managed a painting score of 27 out of 40 points.  I’m happy with that considering I painted these over the course of five evenings.  This week I’ll go back to the infantry units squad by squad to finish them up at a more enjoyable pace.  The vehicles all need some more detail work from a modelling standpoint.  Since they’re supposed to be slightly ramshackle I can paint the added details without having to repaint the whole model.  If they don’t quite blend in they’ll just look that much more like field repairs.

Overall the Standish Standoff 3 was great!  All three of the guys I played against were good sports and there were a lot of nice armies to gawk at.  I came in 7th overall, which I’m very happy with, and I snagged a couple of honorable mentions in the Bronze Spawn competitions.  I plan to do a more thorough write up later this week.  For now I want to thank the judges and organizers for putting together a great event, and the players who showed up for doing it justice.


  • That was a lot of progress despite not getting it completed. Far more progress than I would have made.

    I love the tanks. Once you get the paint on there you would never know they were scratch-built. They’re going to look great done.

    • The airbrush helped quite a bit with the tanks. I also used it to prime the infantry models. I find it much easier to get a solid layer of primer with the airbrush than with a can. I primed them in black then gave it a quick layer of grey from above with the airbrush. This made it much easier to see what I was painting than with just black, and it was the first highlight on the black sections.

      • I still have yet to try the one you lent me. I got the adapter I needed but haven’t had the chance. Well, I should say I passed up on the chance I had with the Hounds but now that deadline painting is over I can take some time to mess around.

  • JustHippie

    It is hard to believe those tanks are cereal boxes and card.

    I don’t think I have ever met someone that doesn’t underestimate how much time things will take. Part of being human I guess. Regardless you have a sweet army and if you used new models you probably would have gotten them all painted the way you wanted. The extra time in conversion work is amazing!
    Congrats on your awards!

    • Thanks, I’m pretty happy with the tanks myself. The paper templates are great for getting the proportions right, then it’s just a matter of elbow grease and time.
      It is easy to bite off more than you can chew. In this case I failed to recognize how much time I was going to lose to various trips and moving. Still, I’m glad I didn’t cut back too far on the Grots. The push did motivate me to get a bunch of models through base coating, my least favorite part. From that stage it will be much easier to keep myself motivated to finish them.

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