Rebel Grots for the Standoff – Three Tanks to Paint!

Hello all,

I spent the first week of November at Disney World with my family, so I didn’t get any hobby stuff done then!  During the past week I’ve been working on the tanks I need to finish for the Standish Standoff coming up this Saturday.  I have a pair of Leman Russ Exterminators and a Chimera.  The Chimera and one Leman Russ are ready for paint.  The second Russ just needs a couple of armor plates.

Tonight after I finish up that second Russ I’ll break out the airbrush to start painting.  I also have 25 infantry that need to be painted by Saturday so I’ll really be putting my airbrush skills to the test!

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Rebel Grots for the Standoff – Three Tanks to Paint!
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