Rebel Grots for the Standoff – Three Tanks to Paint!

Hello all,

I spent the first week of November at Disney World with my family, so I didn’t get any hobby stuff done then!  During the past week I’ve been working on the tanks I need to finish for the Standish Standoff coming up this Saturday.  I have a pair of Leman Russ Exterminators and a Chimera.  The Chimera and one Leman Russ are ready for paint.  The second Russ just needs a couple of armor plates.  Chimera RFP Russes RFPTonight after I finish up that second Russ I’ll break out the airbrush to start painting.  I also have 25 infantry that need to be painted by Saturday so I’ll really be putting my airbrush skills to the test!

  • Good luck!

    How as the trip anyway?

    • Thanks, I’ll need it. Maybe next year I’ll stick to an army that’s mostly painted instead of cornering myself into yet another last minute dash before the Standoff!

      The trip was great! The kids had a great time. My wife and I had fun too. It was definitely worth the money to stay at one of the Disney resorts, especially when you factor in the avoided cost of renting a car.

      • JustHippie

        Gotta agree with staying in Disney. Monorail, buses, early entry to parks, it’s a huge difference.
        Sounds like you’ve got your weeks work cut out for you. I can’t even fathom the work in making those tanks. Most folks have a hard time assembling kits and getting those painted(even more so with kids).
        Good luck!

        • Typically I enjoy working on these scratch builds so I don’t mind the level of work and time. Unfortunately I’ve had to cut back some of the details I wanted to add. It’s definitely going to be busy week!

  • TheRhino

    Very cool. Is there an internal structure to these? Sprue or something to hold the pieces of card together?
    Are those 25mm bases over the hatches? is that a permanent feature or are you planning to replace them with magnetized sponsons or dress up the otherwise plain base?

    • Thanks. The chassis is basically three boxes made from cereal boxes. Where possible I folded instead of cut (scored for a sharp fold) so there is structure left at most of the seams. There is usually a small overlap where I had to join edges.

      Those are the bases that came with the goblin models. Each is hiding a magnet so I can attach sponsons later. I’ll probably add hatches in thin styrene to dress them up a tad.

  • Warren Falconer

    Best of luck thats a tall order in one week. I can’t wait to see your army this weekend, best of luck knocking this out.

    • Thanks, I have some ideas to speed things up with the airbrush but I’ll be testing them as I implement. I’m definitely going to need all the luck I can get!

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