Rebel Grots WIP: Adding some variety!

Hello all,

Last week I posted some progress I made and Warhammer 39,999 pointed out that regardless of any conversions I added they were still all the same single pose model. Of course he is right.  When I started the project I accepted this because it’s what I had for models and continued on this course even after I’d picked up a bits lot on ebay that contained a bunch of fantasy goblins.  Prompted by this comment I took a dive through my more random bits bins and managed to dig up a handful of assorted lasguns and autoguns.

random lasguns

This is a sample of what I have to work with.  I have more than is shown here, mostly the 1st edition ones in the second row.  So I started arming the fantasy goblins with these.  So far I have five put together though they still need some green stuff before they’re ready for paint (click for larger pictures.)

Rebel Grots 012713c Rebel Grots 012713b Rebel Grots 012713dMy plan is to mix these in with the single pose models to break up the monotony.  Here’s the group shot to show how the two squad blob looks so far:

Rebel Grots 012713aI’m going to replace one of the flamers and call it good for this squad.  I need to save enough of the night goblin models for my heavy weapon teams.  I’m glad to have been prompted into mixing it up more.  While a squad like this can support some degree of uniformity it really is better if there is a bit of variety.  When they’re all painted in the same colors I think they single piece models will blend a bit better, and I’ll change the helmets a bit to mix it up a little more.

So that’s where I am so far.  For this week I’m going to put together a new flamer model, put the ‘vox-caster’ (the snotling pole) trooper on a new base, and start back into the green stuff.  With a little luck I can finish up the lascannon teams and start painting stuff next week.

Thanks for looking.  Let me know what you think!


  • Much better. I’d love it if all of the old static poses went away, but I really had to look for them in the group photo, so they might work as filler models. With all of the new conversions, they really do look far better as a group.

    The one that stands out in my mind is the 4th edition WHFB plastic spearman. It took me a moment to figure out where he came from. I rather like that conversion (granted, the base model is still a little goofy looking, but he’s truly unique).

    • Thanks. I agree it would be better with the static models pulled out but they’ll blend in well enough once it’s all painted. The command squads and heavy weapon teams will be more varied so the filler models will fade even more into the army as a whole.

      I like the ex-spearman too. He reminds me of the Cadian at ease promo models.

  • JustHippie

    These are coming out great! Can’t wait to see them painted up.

    • Thanks, I’m really looking forward to painting them.

  • Way better dude. I like the use of fantasy goblins, really speaks more to the gretchen nature of being little mischievous goobers. I remember back in the 80s being a kid playing with my neighbors and saying I wanted a whole gretchen army.

    • Thanks. The multi-part fantasy models do bring a lot more character than the old starter box models. I don’t know if I’ll ever build this into a stand-alone army but I do have a lot of ideas I’d like to try out. Eventually I may cobble together a full force. In the mean time I’m glad the allies rule allows me to build a smaller force like this and get some use out of them.

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