Rebel Grots WIP – Shoulder Pads and Packs

Hello all,

Between work travel and a nasty cold I have not been particularly productive this last week.  I did manage to dig in for a couple of hours yesterday and make some progress on my Rebel Grot Imperial Guard allies.  If you haven’t seen the them you can see the earlier  posts here, here, and here.

I’ve started adding shoulder pads to represent the flak armor:

Rebel Grots shoulder pads

Rebel Grots Shoulder Pads 1Nothing too extravagant, just some quick pads to bulk up the models a little bit and make them look more like they’ve got a 5+ armor save.  I have a lot of these to do so I don’t want to get too complicated.  I’ll throw in a little variation but not too much.  I know from experience that if I spend too much effort trying to spruce up single piece models like these they’ll never be quite what I want them to be and I’ll burn up precious time and energy that can be used better elsewhere.

I also added packs to the sargeants:

Rebel Grots Sargeant packsThese are archers from a fantasy starter box.  The bows were easily dealt with, what remains of them looks like leather wrapped handles.  To update the quivers I clipped off the arrows and added snap close flaps.  As with the other grunts I don’t want to go too far on these conversions.  I’ll probably add shoulder pads for these, though they’ll be trickier to squeeze in.

Well, that’s what I have so far.  My goal for this week is to finish the shoulder pads and another lascannon base so I can prime the two infantry squads.



  • The work you’re doing looks good, but I have to say that I’m disappointed with the base models. You’re putting so much effort into these guys, but ultimately they’re still going to wind up being a bunch of identically posed models. I’d love to see you spend time converting a batch of night goblins to look like this, as the champion models seem more dynamic and interesting than the rest of the squad.

    Again, I don’t mean to be harsh. You’re doing some great stuff, but it would be that much greater if you used a better base model…

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. Right now I’m working with what I’ve got. I
      do have some night goblin models that I’m using for the heavy weapon
      teams but I don’t have lasguns for them yet. I’m planning to work them
      in later on when I can pick up some more bits.

      Although to your point, I could at least be doing the flamers with night goblins now. Thanks for the input!

  • These guys continue to look great. Small touches like the shoulders go a long way.

    • Thanks. After responding to Warhammer 39,999 last night I took a deep dive through my random bits boxes and managed to find a handful of assorted lasguns and autoguns. My new goal for the week is to build up 6 new basic grunts and another flamer so that less than half the mob is based on the static model.

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