Well, that was fun while it lasted. Grey Knights in 5th, Taudar in 6th, Tau AND Eldar in 7th, then Ynari. Oh well, time to burn EVERYTHING!  Thanks GW for destroying my game. You were my favorite ice cream shop, you always had the best flavor of the month, and now you won’t commit to rules that favor people like anymore.  You say it’s a “living rule set,” so no more Ynari books, you say you’ll just fix works of absolute perfection like that if they ever arise.  I loved how I was rewarded when my opponent did well, and when I did well, and everywhere else because I’m the greatest Craftworld Eldar player of all time, not counting all those other posers.

What games are even left for me?  40k Was one of the last havens where I could feel like I belonged to a community.  Sure, it felt like the only times I ever could find an opponent was at a tournament where they HAD to play me, but 3 rounds a month was enough for me.

I can’t even go to AoS because you said you’re “balancing” that game too.  Maybe I’ll quit 40k and AoS, this game isn’t even fun for me.  I just wanted to have the best possible shot to win before I stepped in where the only thing between me and 1st place was my tactical genius, not my opponent in any way shape or form.

Whatever, I’ll go back to CoD or something, forget this.

***This is a heavily satirical article based on an assumed persona of people that may or may not exist in your local scene, please understand if you believed me to be serious, you were in fact TROLLED***

Long live NewHammer!

Notes from the author out of ridiculous persona:

5th and 7th edition main rules were fine, Codexes and point values got out of hand, and showed GW where the system was flawed.  Many of the new innovations of 8th edition, including the CEO switch, are in large part thanks to the crash and burn style of balance 7th became.


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