The Road to the Standish Standoff: CCS ready for paint!

Hello all,

Last week I closed on the sale of my house, so I’m officially homeless now!  Actually we’re living with my in-laws until the end of the month when we close on the house we’re buying.  I finally managed to get some time to play with my little dudes and it felt great to make even a little progress.  I went through the Company Command Squad and finished up the green stuff work and basing so that they’re ready for primer and paint.

Rebel CCS 090913 Honcho 1Rebel CCS 090913 Honcho 2First up is the Company Commander.  He’s a Red Gobbo model from the Gorkamorka Rebel Grots.  It’s a great model with lots of character already so I didn’t do too much to him.  I swapped the left hand to give him a bolter, and that’s about it.  I also included some mushrooms from the Night Goblin sprue to show that while he’s spreading the revolution he’s also spreading his race!

Rebel CCS 090913 Banna 1 Rebel CCS 090913 Banna 2Next is the Regimental Standard bearer.  This is the Banna Wava model from the Gorkamorka Rebel Grots.  I gave his left hand to the Commander so he received a new goblin hand with a Cadian lasgun.  To cover the join I gave him a leather bracelet.  I believe the banner is from the Black Orc sprue.


Rebel CCS 090913 VoxI’m using a Squig Herder to represent a Vox Caster.  I couldn’t really think of anything to improve this model.  I might add a lasgun and/or some pouches to him.




Rebel CCS 090913 Plas 1 Rebel CCS 090913 Plas 2 Rebel CCS 090913 Plas 3

Plasma gunners add some punch to the unit and take advantage of their BS4.  These guys are based on Night Goblin models.  As I’m doing with most of the Rebels I lengthened them a bit at the waist and gave them heavy boot soles.  This helps them get to a height that’s closer to standard IG models and helps them look a little more impressive than standard grots.  The goblin arms required some repositioning to hold the weapons and they’ve received the Cadian style shoulder pads that most of the army is wearing.

Rebel CCS 090913 GroupThe last shot shows the group, basically ready for paint.  Next I’ll work on the Platoon Command Squad.  I’m going to concentrate on modelling for now so I don’t have to unpack my paints until I get into the new house.  That will also give me a little more time to decide whether to add anything to these models.

I also managed to get in a game with Thor this week.  I won’t say too much about it since Thor has already covered it.  Overall I was happy with how the army performed.  There may be some minor tweaking as I get some more practice with it (or if I have to make substitutions for painted models) but I’m fairly certain that this is the list I’ll be using.

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I’m loving these guys! what a fun group!