The Road to the Standish Standoff: PCS WIP

Hello all,

With the CCS ready to paint I’ve moved on to the Platoon Command Squad.  I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how to equip and use this squad.  There are a lot of options available for them.  I’ve been setting them up to help support the infantry blob with orders, usually with a vox and lascannon.  They can act as back-up if the CCS orders fail.  But they way I’ve been using the blob I usually want to use “Bring it Down” or “On My Target” which are only available to the CCS.  Since their orders go unused they’re reduced to a single BS3 lascannon which is pretty unreliable.  After my last game with Thor it occurred to me that the PCS could do well supporting the Penal Battalion.  The PB can’t take a vox so there’s no point giving one to the PCS, and the PB should be on the move so the PCS lascannon has to go.  I decided to give the PCS four grenade launchers.  They’re assault 24″ weapons so they’re good on the run and they’re dirt cheap.  This lets the PCS keep up with the PB, or they can run off on their own to act as a cheap scoring unit.  GL1 Front GL1 Back

These two are Goblins with Cadian grenade launcher arms.  Like most of the goblin models I’m using I’ve added heavy boot soles and lengthened the torsos a bit.  I like the way the Cadian arms fit the models and it’s one of the easier conversions I’m using.


GL2 Front GL2 backThe next two have scratch built grenade launchers.  The one on the right is another Goblin with boots and lengthened torso.  The one on the left is a 2nd edition Gretchin with the weapon and head swapped.  I used green stuff to create the transition between old model and new head.  He also has heavy boot soles like the others.


PC front PC backThe Platoon Commander is a Head Honcho from the Gorkamorka Rebel Grots.  I’m using this model as is because he’s already got plenty of character and appropriate equipment.



PCSAnd the group shot shows the whole unit.  I need to add some sand to the bases and these guys will be ready for paint!



I also have a lascannon team built for this unit.  It needs to be re-based to match the rest of the army then it will be ready for paint.  I’m going to finish that up just to keep some options open.  I could put the lascannon team into the CCS in place of the two plasma guns.  Since the CCS will tend to hang back with the infantry blob they will be able to sit still to fire the lascannon, and their BS4 will make it a bit more effective than in the PCS.  By dropping the PCS to all grenade launchers and swapping the two CCS plasma guns for a lascannon I would also free up 20 points to spend elsewhere.  For next week I hope to have the lascannon team and veteran squad ready to paint.

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I think grenade launchers are a great choice. Speaking of, awesome job on those scratch-built ones!


Grenade launchers are really a good addition. I can’t believe how much work you’re putting into these guys, they look awesome.