The Road to the Standish Standoff: Plasma Vets almost ready for paint!

Hello all,

Over the last week I’ve managed to make some decent progress on the first Veteran Squad for my Rebel Grot (IG) army.  This is the only Vet squad I’m planning to take to the Standoff but I’m sure I’ll add one or two more at a later date.

First up is the Veteran Sergeant and the squad’s Vox Caster.  The sergeant is an Orlock ganger from the Necromunda box set.  I swapped his head and legs for Goblin parts and added shoulder pads.  The Vox Caster is a Goblin musician without any conversions except the boot soles.sarge and vox

 Here’s the major punch behind the squad, Plasma Guns!  These are my standard heightened Goblins.  These guys kill themselves almost as much as they kill anything else and as veterans, at least one of them has been around long enough that he’s learned to fear his own weapon!plasmavets

Next are the lasgunners who form the bulk of the squad.  Someone has to stand in front and soak up bullets so the plasmagunners can live long enough to toast themselves!

lasgunsAnd here’s the group shot:Vet Squad 1The Vox Caster and one lasgunner are missing their shoulder pads but I think I’m going to leave them like that (Catachan style flak armor!) to leave the unit looking a little more rag-tag.  These guys need some work on the bases and a last look for anything I missed then they’re ready for paint.  Next I’ll start working on the Ratling Snipers.  I have a lot of ideas to try out on the snipers and I’ve been looking forward to building them!

Thanks for looking!


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Your sculpting is coming along great. I really like the one with the goggles.