The Road to the Standish Standoff: More Ratling Snipers WIP

Hello all,

Progress continues on the Ratling Sniper Squad.  I’ve roughed out the fourth and fifth member of the squad.  #4 is another crouching model created using the same method as the first crouching sniper.

September 2013 090 September 2013 091Here he is with the pose set up and the first layer of green stuff filled in for his torso.  I’ve also filled in the gaps where I repositioned his legs and left hand. He’s kneeling and looking over his rifle (not through the scope) and possibly calling positions to his squad mates.



September 2013 093a September 2013 092aHere he is with the second layer of green stuff.  I’ve added the hood and started blending his sleeves into a shirt.  I also repositioned the left arm a bit so his elbow isn’t as awkwardly high.



September 2013 094 September 2013 093 September 2013 092#5 of the squad is crawling into place.  Here he is after I got all the parts in the right positions.  I’ve also added a scope to this rifle, which I plan to do for the rest as well.

September 2013 091a September 2013 090aI’ve added his shirt and marked where his belt will go.  Both of these will get pouches, then another layer over their shirts to add some finer detail.





Well, now I’ve got all five members assembled.  They all need some more detail work before painting.  I’ve just moved into my new house and only have a few minor household projects to wrap up.  After that I should be able to put more focus into getting this army knocked out for the Standoff at the end of November.

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Nice job on the poses and green stuff work. How much painting do you have left to go for the Standoff?