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This is a prelude to an article I’m working on and I’m really curious what others think. The question is simple and you can vote below or to the top right.

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I can’t say much more without divulging what I’m writing but it’s probably pretty apparent.

Just a reminder that I’m out of town until Friday so don’t think I’m ignoring anyone if I don’t respond to comments promptly.

  •  . . . depends what you mean by stagnant.

    Let’s face it, many blogs (mine included) are just basically online scrap-books for their owners to keep track of their own hobby or blather about what they’ve been thinking lately.  They might only be of interest to other people on a post-by-post basis, but it seems unfair to criticize them on those grounds:  they aren’t deliberately aimed to entertain the community and make their owners 40k internet celebrities.

    On the other hand, the large blogs with pretensions to being big fish like BoLS, HoP or 3++ or what have you are a different story.  Just like any other competitive enterprise, they’re all going to end up saying the same thing once they learn what pulls page views.

    So I guess I’ll vote “somewhat” :D

    • You have a point and it was hard to be clear with this quick post as I wanted to get into it more with the article I’m working on and not on this.

  • Anonymous

    I also voted “Somewhat.”
    I spend more of my blog-reading time on articles that don’t focus so much on the “tactics” of the game. Every time a new army comes out, everyone and their brother is suddenly an expert and they quickly pare down every unit in the book to its “best and most efficient” format. Netlisting SUCKS. It sucks all of the creativity and individuality out of the game. Why publish an army book with wargear and unit options if everyone is going to field the exact same crap.
    The Efficiency Hammer game is played out, stale, and dried up.
    I will, however, read “breakdown” posts about armies. The posts that do a rundown of a unit, list all of its options, and a variety of possible builds or approaches. It’s just got to be less “this is how you do it” and more “here are some neat ideas to think about”.
    Batrep posts are “meh” most of the time. They’re either so narrative as to be more fanfic than batrep, or so detailed as to be TLDR-worthy.
    Any blog post that degenrates into a personality war also gets closed immediately from my browser. I don’t care how big some of these folks’ ePeens are, nor do I care how much they hate one another. Jerry Springer was never quality TV, and those personality blogs are not quality reading.

    I find myself much more interested in the hobby blogs. The model builds, paint WIPs, and scenery workshops are where I hang out.

    • We definitely share similar views.

  • Dave Garbe

    Not being one to follow gaming blogs, I can’t speak to that end of things, but the hobby side has certainly waned… I’m even guilty of it… summer, vacations, different work schedules, other distractions.. Starting to ramp back into it, but it’s taking time.

    • I’m definitely speaking more on the non-hobby side of things. Personal blogs and hobby blogs are one thing, as James said above, it’s someone’s little niche on the internet. I’m more referring to BoLS and the like.

  • ming from b&c

    I place the 40K sites in two real categories – simple blogs (like mine at B&C) and 40K resource sites (like  Overall, I think everyone is stagnant – nobody is really inovating on message or delivery or content format.   Part of that recently is the huge impact the electronic game Space Marines is having, where freee time for writing has been replaced by game play online. 

    • Eh, Space Marine is no doubt sucking up the time of bloggers but it’s not responsible for putting out stale and dull content when they do blog though.

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