Rok Da Vote: Close of Article Preference & Opening Hobby Poll

We’re closing out the article preference poll and putting up the new one. There weren’t a ton of votes, which is too bad, but more than the last few times I ran polls. Progress is a good thing. So, below are the results of the last poll.

[poll id=”8″]

Unsurprisingly people voted they’d read anything if it was good as the top choice. Second up was enjoyment of editorials and thoughtful material. I was a bit surprised by that but pleasantly so since that tends to be my focus here, at least when I get around to writing them. The last place spot goes to army lists and discussion, another surprise. Some of the more popular blogs exist predominantly in that category, so I believe that to be a reflection of the crowd that visits here since you all aren’t coming here for that material.

Now we have our new poll. Simple one really and you get to pick three choices. I’ll run this one for about two weeks before the next one goes up. Vote away!

[poll id=”9″]

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