Rok Da Vote: Feelings on 6th Edition Closed

40K 6th EditionNot surprising but this was the largest voter turnout to date. With everyone searching for news on 6th the poll got hit up quite a bit.

With 6th edition releasing Saturday, but many will have the book tomorrow, I figured it was time to tally the results. There was a fair spread with this poll. Here we go.

[poll id=”22″]

32% Of the voters are cautiously optimistic. I figured this would be the winning vote. I mean, who wants to think that the next edition of the game is going to be terrible? You want it to be enjoyable but you can never be sure where Games Workshop is concerned.

Following that up is 26% who are excited. This was my vote. For me I was ready for a change and I had the feeling that 6th edition was going to change a lot and that does indeed seem to be the case from what we know. For better or worse it’s hard to not get excited when a new edition of the game comes out. How you feel six months into it can be another story though.

17% Of the voters feel the game is going to rock. That’s higher than I expected really. I find it hard to get fully behind something you know virtually nothing about, at least at the time this poll first went up; though this past week has flooded the internet with solid information. Either way, it’s good to see so many standing behind the next phase of the game.

Now on to the less optimistic votes. We have 10% who couldn’t care less about the release of 6th edition. These would have to be those who lost interest in 40K already and likely gave up on it at some point and don’t feel 6th edition will pull them back. Of course there’s likely voters in there that just don’t play 40K at all anyway and never did.

Then we have 8% who said it may reinvigorate their interest in 40K. Honestly, I’d love to have seen this one higher. With every edition there are those that bail out of 40K for one reason or another. Often they make a return an edition or two later when the rules more suit them, or just when life gives them some free time again. Still, 8% is 8% and hopefully those voters enjoy 6th edition and return.

The final vote is 7% who have a bad feeling about 6th. This would certainly have been my vote 4-6 months ago but time changed my perception on it. I can’t blame these voters though. You know change it coming to a game you enjoy and you can’t help but be worried about the impact.

There we have it. It was awesome to have so many people voting and hopefully this is a new trend here, though I have the feeling it was only because of what the poll was about and not because I have so many loyal readers ;)

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