Rok Da Vote: Necron Power Level Closed

Necron - wall-eNow that players have had the chance to go over the new Necron codex and play some games I wanted to know what you all thought regarding how effective Necrons now are. The results are in and the poll is closed.

[poll id=”17″]

The number one answer by a HUGE margin is those people who think they’re good but not great; coming in at 65% of the votes. This is where I voted too. I’ve played the new Necrons a handful of times and gone over their codex, though not with a fine tooth comb. I really like the new look of Necrons and they have some cool new stuff in general but they have yet to impress me on the battlefield. As the answer states, I think they’re good, definitely better than before, but I don’t think they’re a top-tier codex.

Speaking of, the second most voted on answer at 17% are those that think it’s a top-tier codex. To each their own of course but I just don’t see it. We may see a build in time that rocks the tournament scene but as a whole I don’t see the codex amongst the best out there.

Following that are 12% with the answer of time will tell. Fair enough, it is still early and being put through the paces. We also have 2% who think they’re terrible. Maybe those 2% were expecting more? Lastly, we have 0% who think they’re overpowered. I’m a bit surprised by that. Obviously not because I think they are but because I figured for sure a person or two faced off against them and some of their tricks and just took it for being over the top.

Interesting results overall. Knowing that the codex was made for 6th edition means at this stage we really are only seeing part of what’s in store for them. They may go from a ‘meh’ codex to top-tier once 6th hits.

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