Rok Da Vote: Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Release (Closed)

Warhammer 40K 7th EditionIt’s obvious from the number of votes that Warhammer 40K 7th edition has stirred up interest (for better or worse), more so than when 6th edition released and I polled about it. Speaking of, for the sake of comparison this is the poll from when Warhammer 40K 6th edition was about to release.



[poll id=”22″]

And the results from this poll about 7th edition.

[poll id=”41″]

Let’s start with the first answer. For 7th edition 10% said they couldn’t care less about the release, which compared to the 6th edition poll seems normal. I’m sure some of those voters have moved on to other systems already and others just don’t care.

Tied with the lowest votes is the voters who said it may reinvigorate their interest in Warhammer 40K at 5%. In 6th edition 8% said the same. I’m not surprised by this as I find an impending rules change with a lot of unknown factors, until you have it in your hand, makes it hard for it to generate interest where it may not have existed before. It’s one thing when you’ve had the chance to see it and try it out but to embrace the unknown with a system you have moved on from is another entirely.

The second highest vote was 29% who said they were cautiously optimistic for 7th edition. When 6th was about to hit there was 32% who said it as well. I thought this answer might get more votes but considering the early leaks we were getting, and what has been confirmed, it’s hard to get a full grasp on the changes and in turn be cautiously optimistic.

At 18% was the people who are excited for 7th edition where 6th edition had 26%. Not a big change from 6th, which does surprise me. I recall when 6th was coming out and we were getting leaks and info that the stuff we were seeing was mostly positive, at least in the face of Unbound armies and other possibly silly stuff. So, I expected less being excited for 7th than 6th by a fair margin.

The other lowest vote, tied with re-invigoration of interest, is 5% who think this is going to rock. Ouch. Back for 6th this answer had 17%. Playing off of what I just said above, we can see a huge difference here. Not terribly shocking though since again the info we have seen early on is pretty jarring without much in the way of context. Still, only 5% who are really ramped up for this release is pretty dismal.

The final answer, and most voted on, are those who have a bad feeling about this release at 33%. Compare that to only 7% who said the same of 6th. This is the largest glaring difference the two editions. I feel that if Games Workshop was smarter about how they handle big releases like this that so many would have a more positive response. GW has taken up the policy of complete radio silence on everything these past few years and it’s hurting them. Stuff still leaks out, you can never fully prevent that, but without GW properly promoting their product and feeding us positive information we’re left chewing on misinformation and bits and pieces in a large puzzle when viewed on their own seem negative. Promoting a new edition of rules merely two weeks from release is just bad policy. We should have months of advanced notice, months of Games Workshop slowly feeding us positive information about the changes, generating interest. Instead we get a slap upside the head, “Hey, new rules are out. Buy stuff.” That’s sad.

There you have it. With Warhammer 40K 7th edition about to be in hands it’s apparent the community is skeptical to say the least. Where 6th edition was being met with excitement and cautious optimism, 7th edition has many concerned.

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