Scratch Built Leman Russ #1 Paint Update

Hello all,

Now that I’ve airbrushed a base coat onto my Rebel Grot vehicles I can start adding detail to each of them individually.  I prefer to do this stage individually because each step feels really long if I’m doing a bunch of vehicles at a time.  This way it feels like I’m making more progress and I can give each vehicle a little more attention.  The first one I am working through is one of the Leman Russ Exterminators.  I’ve picked out  some of the details and have made a lot of progress on weathering.

There is still a fair amount of details to pick out, some checks and dags to add, and a little more weathering then I’ll add a line highlight.  By next week I expect to have this one finished and be at least part way through the second one.  I haven’t done much on the hull and sponson weapons.  I’ll probably paint the weapons for both Russes between this one and the second one.

Expect to see a lot of painted tank pics in the next few weeks!  How do you prefer your tanks, factory fresh or well worn and weathered?

Update: All done! Check out the Leman Russ painting showcase.

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Awesome job. The weathering is looking great and I really like how the lenses have come out. The lenses add a nice contrast.


Looking good! I’m enjoying this build up!