Scratch Built Leman Russ – More Details!

Hello all,

I’m still plugging away at the pair of Leman Russ Exterminators I’ve built for my Rebel Grots.  When I’m working on vehicles I often reach a point where I no longer have a plan.  I just keep slapping on details until it looks right to me.  I think this adds to the ramshackle appearance but it also makes it difficult to tell when I’ll be ready to paint!

The first Exterminator is pretty close to finished.  I’ve added exhaust pipes and bulked up the turret a bit.  I added a lot of rivets, did some gap filling, and added new access hatches behind the sponsons.    I still needs another accessory mount and maybe some headlights but I should be ready to paint it soon.

The second Exterminator still needs some work.  I added exhaust pipes and started gap filling.  I also started adding a bit to the turret.  I’m planning to add hatches like on the first one and maybe an engine access hatch on the rear.  It also needs a fair amount of rivets, of course!  Since I haven’t done a lot of work on this one since the last time I showed it I just have one picture to show the new exhaust pipes.

IMG_7270 (1280x884)

Here’s a shot of the two of them as they might appear on the table.  Personally, I think the exhaust pipes make a huge difference to the overall profile.  Russes 7-7-14

So that’s where I am on the two Exterminators.  I am hoping to have them ready for paint by the end of this week.  As for the rest of the army, I need to add some rivets to the three Armored Sentinels to finish those up and one of the Chimera turrets also needs a few rivets and details.  Then I should be ready to paint all of the vehicles.  The Conscript squad needs a few more head swaps and a bit of sculpting and the Primaris Psyker needs a new base then I’ll be ready to paint up the last of the infantry.

Scratch building is fun, but getting the right details in place can be tricky!  Are there any details you think I should add to these or should I just get on with the painting already?

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Looking good. I’d suggest adding glyphs before priming. But otherwise looking proper good!


The exhaust looks great and really pulls things together. How did you manage to get such a consistent bend in the pipes?