Second Basilisk for Rebel Grots (Scratch Build)

Hello all,

Although I was fairly productive last week I haven’t made a lot of progress on the tanks.  I took some time one evening to try out a lasgrot conversion that was stuck in my mind.  I took another evening to clean up some Sisters of Battle, which I’ll feature in a post later this week.  I did manage to spend some time on the second Basilisk for the Rebel Grots.

As a reminder, here’s a pic of the first basilisk:

basilisk 042213 bI like the way it came out but the weapons supports were a bit fiddly to assemble and are quite bland.  I decided to deviate from the template and build something with recoil suspension built into it.  I used the same elevation ram that I used for the first one (not part of the template) but upgraded it to a two-stage hydraulic system so it looks like it can achieve greater elevation.April 29 2013 024April 29 2013 025

The first hull was based on the Griffon template from  A few years ago (during the 4th edition Ork codex) I started working on a looted basilisk based on a rhino hull.  For now I am going to build the Earthshaker platform to (mostly) match the first one but I’m going to resurrect this old scratch build to carry it.

April 29 2013 027 April 29 2013 028  This week I’ll finish the Earthshaker cannon and start adding details to the tank hulls.

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Great work. Those hydraulics really add an element of reality to it that is awesome.