Seeking Authors to Join Us – All Wargames Welcomed

This is something I have thrown out there countless times over the years, typically in a very short blurb not much longer than this sentence. This time I want to take some time to explain, and hopefully draw in some interested people.

I’ll start with why I’m after new authors. One of my visions for this blog is to see it grow into something larger than me. You will notice the blog is still named Creative Twilight, and not something like Warhammer 40K Blog. If I were to change the blog’s name, and the URL of the site, I could no doubt gather more visitors seeking 40K related articles. However, early on when I started this blog I knew I wanted to see it expand beyond 40K articles, and just me blogging. That road has been traveled a bit, but not nearly as thoroughly as I would like. There are other authors here, and Frank is writing about stuff that isn’t 40K, but I want more. There are so many wargames out there, and in turn so many potential readers to build up the community here. I would love to write about other gaming systems, but I do not have the time to tackle anything new.

Now, I’m also all for taking on more 40K authors. I primarily blog about my hobby work, and toss up a weekly battle report. There is a lot of room in the realm of 40K for someone to jump in, including if you want to write about the same stuff I do. We all do things differently, so more than one perspective is a good thing. If you love 40K, and you want to write about it here, then continue reading.

Remember when Bell of Lost Souls was a great site? Back when the authors created good original content, and the community there wasn’t jaded and angst-ridden? That’s what I want. I’m not after a specific type of content either. I’m open to editorials, tactics, army lists, battle reports, whatever someone can write, and write well, is fair game here.

I would love to see authors creating an article a week, but I also realize that’s not always possible. There’s no set frequency I’m after here, just something more than one article every few months. Though I haven’t turned away an author yet for infrequent posting either.

Experience is not required. Learning how to blog is simple, mastering is another matter, but anyone can jump in and write an article. Again, I just want well written material.

Getting new authors is my big push for 2016, and it’s the only resolution I have made for Creative Twilight. If you’re interested in joining us then please either leave a comment below or fill in the form.


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