Series: Chaos Space Marines Review for 8th Edition

I wanted to do a series of articles where I review units for the Chaos Space Marines codex in Warhammer 40K 8th edition. I’m not a competitive gamer, however I am a gamer and I do compete locally. So, while I may not be attending Adepticon or the Las Vegas Open, I’m also not without some experience.

Basically I wanted to do some articles about units for Chaos Space Marines that wasn’t preachy and didn’t tell you what you need to do all the while implying you’re an idiot for doing otherwise. That’s not my style and I hate reading those articles myself. Instead I want to share my experiences, give my opinions and let it be informative, not definitive.

If there’s something in particular you would like me to cover that I haven’t then please drop me an email and let me know.