Series: Scratch Building Tanks

This is a very large series covering scratch building tanks. It is extremely thorough, providing you with the templates you will need, to showing you how to put those templates together over the series of articles.

Specifically, these tutorials will walk you through creating a Devil Dog for the Astra Militarum, as well as a Chimera.

The materials used are simple and cheap to get. Most of the structure is done with thin cardboard. Yep, just simple cardboard. Details are fleshed out with plasticard, as well as some green stuff sculpting where needed.

You will also learn how to add your own rivets, and other small details, to really make your scratch build look authentic and unique.

If all that sounds too easy and too good to be true, it really is. The finished scratch built Devil Dog is then painted, and you’d honestly have no idea it was made with paper, cardboard, and plasticard.

Included is also a side by side comparison of the Devil Dog to an official Games Workshop tank. It really does fit in very well with existing kits.