Showcase: Human Thrower for Blood Bowl

I’ve had this guy done for a few weeks. I was waiting to figure out my starting roster, which I’ve since done, and since he’s the only Thrower on the starting roster, I may as well post some pictures.

Not much to say other than I’m happy with how he came out, and I’m having a lot of fun painting my Human team. It’s a nice departure from the usual for me. I love 40K, and my Chaos Marines, but sometimes it’s nice to do something different.

My last 3 Linemen are nearing completion, so hopefully I can get them up here next week. We’ll see.

  • That’s going to be one hell of a team. The painting is very effective and I like that you haven’t made him too clean is that makes sense.

    • Thank you.

      Yeah, I want these guys to look like they are in the middle of a game. So, some paint chipping, dirt stains, and grass stains get added.

      • I think that sounds like a great plan, it doesn’t look very realistic (bad word when talking about fantasy but still) if they look factory new so to say.

  • Very nice blended colours! and the things I like the most is the fact that it is different from usual things you paint, but it has clearly your style. Great job!

    • Thank you!

      Having it be different than what I normally do, but still be recognizable as something I painted, is exactly what I want.

      • I think that having a personal style and put it on the miniatures with a satisfying result is a great step to reach in the hobby, to me, the highest.

        • I agree. I have always said that having your own style with painting is the goal. Not to copy someone else, to do what everyone else is doing, but to create your own style, and be yourself.

  • Very nice. I like the variety of shapes and colors on the human models. They are a little more interesting than the Orcs.

    • Thanks.

      Orks look more like walking tanks, which is appropriate, compared to the Humans.

  • He looks great and done so well in your style. But what is his name? If he is leading your team as the only thrower he got have your flare for back story.

    • I’m still working out names. Human names elude me for some reason.

  • Fantastic work Thor! I like the highlighting and shading you did on this guy and the weathering is spot on for what you were looking for. Is the color and numbers on the trim a common blood bowl thing?

    • Thanks.

      The color designated position. There’s a color code for it. It makes it easy to glance at the field and know what’s what for each player. The numbers are to keep track of players for skills, and random events that happen.

      • ah ok. I haven’t seen the color code in the booklet from the box yet, is it in the Season 1 book or the old stuff?

        • It’s from 2nd edition apparently. The code is:

          Blitzer: red
          Blocker: green
          Thrower: white
          Catcher: yellow
          Linemen: grey or blank

          It’s often a tournament standard from my understanding.

          • Nice, grabbing this now so I can use it on mine

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