Painting Showcase: A Counts-as Huron Blackheart

With a week to spare, I have finished my last model for the Standish Standoff, my counts-as Huron Blackheart. I’m pretty happy with how this came out. Let’s start with some shots.

The lighting is a bit on the dark side. I’m still working out a good setup for pictures but I really wanted to get these shots up.

Counts-as Huron Blackheart


It’s nice to have this model done and to see all the work come together. For those who weren’t tracking the progress, he’s a mix of assorted Chaos Space Marine kits and some subtle sculpting work.

I had some moments with this model. The power axe blending took way longer than I had planned and a few times I thought I was going to have to strip it and start over. The skin tones on the head was a mistake, as mentioned previously, but one I think that worked out well. The backpack took a few tries as well. I did the skulls, loved the look of them but they blended in too much with his face. I then had to redo those and the spikes but I’m glad I did.

The basing is a new technique as well. I saw a great snow basing tutorial the other week and knew that’s how I wanted to do my bases. I think it’s far more convincing than my previous method and I’m really happy with it.

Now to see how Huron (I really need to name this guy), performs on the table all painted up!

PS – Greggles, if you’re wondering, I didn’t take your advice on the skull eye glow just because the arms are magnetized and the effect may not work with other arm pairings. Great idea though that I will use at some point.

  • falconer

    Looks great look forward to seeing him next weekend

    • Thanks. Looking forward to seeing your painting entries.

  • NafNaf

    Looks good. I especially like the contrasting colour of the axe. It really draws the eye and is done very well :)

    • Much appreciated. I won’t tell you how long that axe took…

  • The blending on the axe and claw are fantastic! You can tell it took a lot of time and energy!

    No worries bout the skull, I just try to provide feedback to aid every once in awhile, so people now I’m not just running around telling everyone they are fantastic. :)

    • Thanks and having seen your work I wouldn’t think that anyway :)

  • Looks great, as always! I think the claw is my favorite part.

    • Thanks.

      Those Warp Talon lightning claws are just awesome. Way better than the plain boring loyalist version.

  • I totally approve of the bright pallette. Next time, might I suggest more primary colors

    • Thanks and I do try to work them in when I feel it will work but I do like to set a darker tone and feel with the models too.

      • I was thinking more BLOO…

        • Blue would blend in too much. Besides, only lame Marines paint their armor blue…

  • JD Brink

    Looking good! I really like the color fade on the weapons and nice tiny sculpting on the flamer port on his palm! The face is a nice contrast too. Looks like he’s gone through hell (literally)!

    • Thanks.

      It was about the small details on this model, that flamer nozzle, the small leg trim, etc. I’m happy with how it came together.

      The face is my favorite part. I could never replicate that tone again but you’re right, it’s very hellish.

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