Sidetracked: Sisters of Battle PIP

Hello all,

I recently purchased an airbrush, something I had wanted to pick up for years.  From what I’ve seen online they are great for larger models such as tanks and terrain.  I’ve already used it for one tank and I was quite happy with it.  Another reason I wanted an airbrush was to speed up the process of painting infantry.  I decided to try this out with some of the Sisters of Battle models I have sitting around.  These are a bit better to experiment with than my Rebel Grots because they are single piece metal models.  They would be much easier to strip without damage than my multi-part kitbashed and converted grot models.

August 2013 001  August 2013 002

This is what I have after about 2 hours of playing around.  That doesn’t sound particularly fast but I lost a lot of time to the learning process (paint, repaint in black to start over, and try again.)  I’m surprised how precisely I’m able to place the paint given my complete lack of experience.  I was afraid the learning curve would be steeper.  I will try another batch soon to see if I can speed up the process now that I have a decent idea what needs to be done.

That’s as much as I’ve accomplished this week.  There wasn’t a lot of time for modelling.  Although they don’t look like much I’m pleased with them.  With a bit more practice I am confident the airbrush will save me a lot of time in batch painting.

  • Not bad at all. I can definitely see that being a big time saver. I really, really need to invest in an airbrush.

    • Thanks. I’m happy I finally bit the bullet and bought one.

  • stealthystealth

    It’s really your base idea for 10 models in 2 hours not bad at all

    • This was five models in 2 hours, but on the next run I think I could do do ten in the same time. There’s a certain amount of time required for setup and washout with the airbrush so you can gain a lot of time by adding models to the run.

      I also switched back and forth between black and white a few times, which eats up time. With a better plan I should be able to avoid that.

  • There is some AMAZING stuff that you can do with an airbrush, keep it up!

    • I’ve seen a lot of cool tutorials online that I’m itching to try out. The airbrush is definitely going to be a major component of my modelling from now on!

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