Site Design Update

If you’re reading this, and are a regular, then you’ll notice that I’ve changed the site’s design. Usually I run a design for a good few years but I stumbled on this theme and really liked it. A magazine style theme is something I’ve seriously been after for years. I’ve looked at so many but they never quite made the grade for one reason or another. This one has really impressed me though so I had to get it setup. Oh, if you’re wondering (for the WordPress users), it’s called ColorMag.

The big thing with the theme is the home page. I’m able to setup articles to display by category, though I still show the latest articles at the top. The problem I have with the traditional blog themes is it just shows the latest posts. Well, I might have something I posted months ago that’s still relevant, however traditionally it just falls on to page #2 or #3, whatever. Showing articles by category lets some articles stay on the home page longer as they’re time to live is determined by category posting frequency, not overall blog posting frequency. Plus, if you’re a frequenter of the site, but generally only care about articles in a given category, you can now see those articles easily on the home page without having to click through to the category page. Just scroll down until you find the category you read.

I’m pretty excited about this theme and I’m hoping it better serves all of you. I’ll be tweaking and messing with things for weeks to come but if you see something that looks odd then please let me know.

  • keeping my comments to myself =P

    • Except you shared that you’re keeping your comments to yourself…

    • But seriously, if there’s something you don’t like then I’d like to hear it. I have thick skin.

  • Looks good :)

    • Only a personal thing though but I have a dislike for adverts on blogs. Prob cos I am British :D Wish you would get rid of them, although yours are not too intrusive

      • Yeah, nobody likes them except those of us serving them, and even then (for me),it’s not like so much as necessity. I could remove them for sure but I also pay to have a server I run this site, and others, off of so I use ads to try and offset the expense. Necessary evil for me anyway but I do try and keep them unobtrusive as much as possible.

        • That’s fair enough. Totally see the need for it of you are paying for the server. Yours are unobtrusive, but some sites I can’t even read the articles there are so many. The worst are the ones in the middle of an article. They drive me nuts :D

          • Agreed. The ones inside the article itself just ruin the article. However, they are also one of the most clicked on ads as well (believe it or not); so while I may not like it, I know why they do it. You won’t see me do it though. My focus is the content, not money.

            • aruki

              I love that for me the article ends with giant letters saying Pretty Japanese (mail order brides) almost made me snarf my coffee. As for the update as long as It doesn’t affect the great stuff you do with the sight it is all good.

              • Google knows what you’re searching for ;)

    • Thanks.

  • Zab

    very clean and easy to follow. I like :)

  • Looks clean… recently did mine too. Those old templates were getting stale.

    • Yeah, you just have to mix it up now and then and do something new. I like setting up new themes. It’s kind of like a nerd Christmas gift :)

  • Looks nice! Also feel like it’s more responsive and loads faster. All pluses!

    • Good to hear. I’ve been working on exactly that, making it faster and optimizing it so glad to see it’s noticed.

  • Looks fine to me man. Good job.

  • I like the new design, the home page looks great

    • Thank you. The whole theme change was all about the homepage layout. Just seemed far more fitting for the blog.

  • It renders well one a mobile phone too. Apparently, millennials are moving to mobile devices. When I were a young ‘un we only had RSS and we did okay.
    PS. As a fellow advertiser, I have struggled with where to place ads and have come to the same conclusion. Hosting is expensive, but ads shouldn’t intrude in the content.

    • Mobile is just required these days. I’ve made sure my sites have been mobile friendly for years; there’s no getting around it. It’s a small percentage of my visitors though but an every growing one.

      Ad placement can drive me nuts. I’ve already redone it probably four times at least since setting up this new theme. Finding a spot that’s not intrusive but at the same time going to be seen is a trick in itself.

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