Site News: Adding Video to the Repertoire

VideoSomething I’ve always wanted to get more of on Creative Twilight is videos. These days more and more people prefer to get their content delivered in video format and I’m not one to argue as I enjoy them as well. Thus far I’ve only shot one video, a battle report (which I’ll embed at the end of this), and that was over a year ago. So, it’s time to actually put some time into working on videos.

Next week I will be doing a video battle report against Hippie and his Chaos Daemons. It will be a 1,750 40K game practicing for the Standish Standoff coming up on the 23rd. Hippie will be judging the event so really it’s just practice for me but considering the field for the event has a lot of Chaos Marine and Daemon players, it will be a good test.

Also next week I should have up a video on painting table-top quality models. I’m working on two models that will become part of trophies for the Standish Standoff. These models don’t require master-class painting so I thought it would be a good time to try doing a short video on some techniques I use for table-top quality figures. The video will no doubt be a bit rough since I’m new to all this but hopefully useful for those just looking to put out painted models to play with and don’t want to spend 4 hours on each figure.

If the painting video is well received then I would love to do some more and show how I do some of my favorite techniques and work up to more advanced stuff.

Speaking of videos, I’ve setup a proper channel on YouTube for Creative Twilight.

For now, here’s the old battle report from August of 2012 with my Space Marines against Hippie and his Daemons in preparation for last year’s Feast of Blades qualifier.

  • JustHippie

    Screamers and flamers Weeeeeee! Certainly not OP.

    • Yeah, I remember that was the one time you busted out the cheese considering what we were qualifying for.

      • JustHippie

        The Necron flying circus backed up by Wraiths still beat that list in the actual tournament. Night scythes are still nasty too!

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