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BlogRound #4 of me trying to find authors for the blog here. I get some, they hang out a bit and they leave without a word. So, if you’re interested in writing for the blog continue reading.

Before you jump the gun and get ready to submit to me your information there’s some things you should know. First, if you’ve never blogged before then get ready for some work. Blogging is fun, it’s addicting but it’s also time-consuming. I’m looking for people who are dedicated and willing to commit the time necessary to put out quality articles. Second, and relating to the first, I need commitment. I’m not after someone who puts up a new article once every few months, I’m after something far more regular. I assure you it sounds easier than it really is. Lastly, I’m after articles that are well written. You don’t need to be an English professor by any means, I’m certainly not, but I’m also not after articles like, “how 2 pwn”. Oh, this is not a paid gig. I’ve actually had someone ask me that before, seriously.

Beyond that criteria really anything goes. I don’t care if you play WHFB, Malifaux, Warmachine, or any of the numerous systems out there. I write about 40K because it’s what I play but this blog isn’t a 40K only blog. Likewise you could write about list creation, strategy & tactics, hobby stuff, whatever.

If you’re sincerely interested in being an author here then please use the contact form below. I’ll contact everyone who submits their information and take it from there. Not everyone will make it, well unless only one person contacts me and that person is super qualified :), but I’ll let you all know

  • Epaminonda

    lol, real life happens.

    • No argument there. That’s why I’d like to get enough authors that when real life comes up the blog doesn’t come to a crawl.

      • Speaking of which, my camera and computer are currently in separate buildings so my Monday morning post will be a Monday evening post this week :P

        • Eh, no biggie. You may as well just schedule it for tomorrow morning.

  • JD Brink

    Yeah, sorry, Thor…. I think you know I have a lot of irons in the fire, to the point where I don’t get to my own two blogs very often and I get a drearily low amount of hobby time these days. But I try to pop back over here every few weeks or so. When I’m an independently wealthy writer/hobbyist I’ll have something for you every week! (C’mon lottery tickets!!!)

    • No worries. I don’t blog nearly as often as I used to. I understand that whole life thing; always getting in the way! I’m not knocking those of you who do write, just looking for a few more is all.

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