Sky Relics: The Grand Painting Contest

Greetings Wargamers and Hobbyists, and welcome to the skies of Targus…

I have always been a fan of the sci-fi ‘space ship’ genre of game. A few weeks ago, I was one of a few lucky gamers who received a rather exciting parcel in the post: a set of resin ship miniatures, sent to me by the guys over at Sky Relics, for me to paint for their upcoming painting contest!

Sky Relics is a game that is currently under development, and as part of the Team’s drive to engage with the gaming community, and to generate some images of ships painted by members of the gaming community, several gamers and bloggers from across multiple continents were sent three Valdian vessels, three Outcast vessels, a Relic Golem, and an additional Valdian ship to practice on which came from their ‘miscast’ box.

We were provided with a run-down of the typical colour schemes for the various factions, but also encouraged to be creative with the Relic Golem and the spare Valdian War Wind ship which could be painted up as a Mercenary vessel with a colour scheme befitting the temperament and reputation of it’s captain.

The closing date for the competition was February the 8th, after which there will be a period of judging before the results are announced, but far more exciting than any prize is the chance to be involved with something new that no one else has yet had the chance to be a part of in quite the same way until now.

I think that this has not only been a great opportunity for me and the other gamers involved in the contest, it is also a brilliant way for the game’s developers to get both words and images out into the public sphere via a number of members of the community. After seeing the sample ships up close and having the chance to paint them up, I am intrigued to see what they have to show us next.

In my next post, I plan to bring you a bit more information on the game itself, and a few words from the guys over at Sky Relics, as they were good enough to answer a few questions for me. Until then, I will leave you with some photos of the ships I painted.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Eternal Wargamer.

  • Nice work on the ships. I really like the look of those Outcast ships.

    I think this is a great idea by Sky Relics. If only more companies understood the value of doing something like this.

    • Frank Ford

      Absolutely, companies that want to boost consumer involvement and investment need to make the gaming community part of their success

  • That is a really cool promotion. Thanks for sharing the results with us, they’re really cool paint jobs, too!

    • Frank Ford

      Thanks! Can’t wait to see what they have next to show us. They are revamping the website at the moment.

      • Yes the underpaid over worked design staff are working at this very moment on the site..

        Just spotted the ship images on a tweet looking good.

        • Frank Ford

          Cool. Trying to spread the images around as much as possible – the next post is scheduled to go up on Wednesday

  • Brennan Barni

    You just had to go and make me want a rerelease of Battlefleet Gothic. You just had to go and do it.

    Fantastic models, though! I love that Sky Relics is reaching out to the community in such a way; it really is a good show of goodwill. :)

    • Frank Ford

      I know what you mean. Since I first heard about Sky Relics I have re-gathered all my Battlefleet Gothic stuff and got in on the Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter!

  • Dungeon Master

    Hello! My names Tim and I’m a member of the Sky Relics team. Great blog space and really sharp paint job! Many of the paintings have subtely influenced some of the creative writing. Those black symbols on the Outcast ships might be making an appearance >.>

    • Frank Ford

      Cool! Glad to be able to contribute something to the project.

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